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magic mongolia: village supermarket

magic mongolia - village supermarket by Lars F. Menzel
  supermarket of a small village

this is a typical small-town mongolia supermarket, that features many of the supplies for the country’s home.
supplies comes usually from all over the world, amongst others from united states, germany, russia and china.

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magic mongolia: bayanzag i

magic mongolia - bayanzag i by Lars F. Menzel
  rocks of bayanzag

bayanzag also known as flaming cliffs is a region of the gobi desert, where important fossils have been found.
it is famous for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs.
if the sun is fading, the rock gives off a glowing orange colour.

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magic mongolia: dune near khundu

magic mongolia - dune near khundu by Lars F. Menzel
  dune near khundu with ovoo

an ovoo is a shamanistic power place and is often found at the top of mountains or in high places, throughout Mongolia.
ovoos are usually a simple pile of stones or made from wood bearing a few blue silk scarves..
when travelling, it is custom to stop and circle an ovoo three times in clockwise direction, in order to have a safer journey.
usually, rocks are picked up from the ground and added to the pile, but in this region you usually can’t find rocks.

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magic mongolia: thunderstorm

magic mongolia - thunderstorm by Lars F. Menzel
  thunderstorm near khuvsgul lake

khuvsgul is one of the most beautiful areas of the country.
there are lots of evergreen trees, trout filled streams, lofty mountain peaks,
dense pine forests and meadows carpered with flowers.
weather changes very fast around the lake.
only a couple of minutes passes between sunshine and thunderstorm.

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magic mongolia: yak carriage

magic mongolia - yak carriage by Lars F. Menzel
  yak carriage in front of the khuvsgul lake

nomadic people use yak carriages to carry the gers, when moving with their herd.

the khuvsgul lake is located in the northwest of mongolia near the border to russia.
it holds almost 70% of mongolia’s fresh water and belief me: this lake is very cold,
also in the summer. the lake is remarkable clean and has really blue water.

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magic mongolia


mongolia is situated in central asia and shares a border with russia as well as china.
the country has a very long and impressive history.

I have been there in the summer of 2007.
on this fantastic journey through inspiring landscapes I have met some truly hospitable people.

within the following days i will share some of my favorit impressions of the mongolia culture.

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exposition in leipzig


an exposition in cooperation with Frank Standke is open to the public until 2009/07/31.

if you are interested to see some panoramic pictures of mongolia,
you can do this in leipzig, germany.

Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG
Investment- und FinanzCenter Leipzig-Mitte
Martin-Luther-Ring 2
04019 Leipzig

more infos on http://fotolymp.de.

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panoramic pictures


before I start with my first picture:

all pictures are taken on film with a
Hasselblad X-Pan II
or a
GILDE 66-17 MST Super 3D (Many thanks to Mr Gilde, for his help).

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the calendar “Mongolei 2010″ by Lars F. Menzel is now available on amazon.de.

panoramic calendar Mongolei 2010 now on Amazon

But regard, this calendar is huge.

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you can see some of my older pictures.

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from monday on I will present you some of my recent pictures, starting with Magic Mongolia.

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welcome to my blog on Menzel-PHOTOGRAPHY.COM.

taking panoramic pictures is my passion.
one can have a broader vision of the world!

my motto is “take a break… to understand the world…”.
I have to add “and take pictures.”

this is my first blog.
so I am glad about getting feedback.

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